Research best practices for financial institutions regarding securing, moving and accessing sensitive “data-in-motion” in a mobile world.


According to CISCO and IBM, Data in Motion (DIM) represents “the continuous interactions between people, process, data and things to drive real-time data discovery”. Mobile device data involves “continuous interactions” within chaotic and complex networks. With a growing requirement for access to sensitive data while working outside a traditional corporate network security structure, how can we best safeguard access to that data to best protect our customers?


Develop guidelines that financial institutions can use to mitigate mobile network data-in-motion risks:

  • What controls are required outside the network?
  • What is the best practice for ingress and egress to network information?
  • What continuous monitoring of meta-data and telemetry data will effectively protect us?
  • Appropriate practices for collecting, managing and analyzing sensitive “data-in-motion”.


The project team will summarize the working group and technology review findings in a final report or reports to be published upon completion of the project. The report will:

  • Provide recommendations for improved policy, practices, training and technology that address mobile data-in-motion security challenges.
  • Highlight areas in which there does not yet appear to be effective technical solutions
  • Suggest guidelines, standards and/or architecture for mobile initiated data-in-motion.
  • Provide an infographic as an industry aid to provide a better understanding of mobile data security in the cloud.


The Collaborator Program Steering Committee will oversee this initiative in cooperation with the Security and Fraud Program steering committees along with the Vendor Management Advisory Group with all subject to Advisory Council and Executive Board oversight.


Jim Pitts – Project Management, Logistics, Communications, Content and Technology

214-793-1127 | jim.pitts@fsround.org


  • Each work group will convene by teleconference monthly through September 2016
  • Ad hoc calls may be scheduled as needed to address targeted issues, opportunities, and specific research areas.
  • In-person meeting – June 7&8, 2016


Based on these requirements the estimated time commitment is approximately 2-8 hours per month over the 12 month life of the project. Individual participants or working groups may wish to invest additional effort.

Experience and Skill Set of Participants

  • Senior IT Executives
  • Technical and solution provider experts
  • Regulatory and compliance
  • Data security
  • Risk management
  • Fraud and loss prevention
  • Project management & support professionals
  • Related leaders-in-development with desire to provide research and project support
  • Subject matter expertise – Information technology, mobile financial services, security, regulatory and compliance, mobile telecommunications and network

If you or someone from your organization is interested in participating in this project, please email Jim Pitts at jim.pitts@fsroundtable.org with your name, organization, title, email address and office telephone number.