The Big Ideas Series.

A weekly blog series highlighting everything FinTech.

FinTech Ideas Festival

The FinTech Ideas Festival will bring together the world’s leaders of the financial services and technology communities to look at FUTURE big ideas and challenges as the planet grows more connected, more technologically advanced and financially empowered.

Rather than being a trade show of new technology, the FinTech Ideas Festival will focus on the big, future ideas that futurists, technologists and companies can imagine, specifically at the intersection of finance and technology. No idea or challenge is too large.

Advocates for a Strong Financial Future

Financial Services Roundtable (FSR) is the leading advocacy organization for America’s financial services industry. With a 100- year tradition of service and accomplishment, FSR is a dynamic, forward-looking association advocating for the top financial services companies, keeping them informed on the vital policy and regulatory matters that impact their business.