About FSR's Tech Collaborators

A little background.

FSR created the Technology Collaborators Program in 2015 to provide technology company executives the opportunity to engage with top-level executives in financial services on security, fraud reduction, payments and emerging technology issues.

The Technology Collaborators Steering Committee oversees the program. The Committee informs FSR broadly and sponsors events to develop best practices and work through issues of common interest with member companies. The Committee generates and considers ideas to engage FSR and other financial technology companies on priority issues. All Technology Collaborators have a seat on the Technology Steering Committee.

Tech Collaborator projects will help financial institutions and technology companies cooperatively develop best practices and guidelines to improve security, efficiency and to better meet consumer demand in the financial services world.


Collaborative Projects

FSR launched two specific discrete projects in the Fall of 2015 in order to view major challenges facing the financial services industry and to solve those problems in a technology agnostic way with our financial technology partners. These projects will help financial services institutions understand the opportunities of using cutting edge technology to upgrade security, improve efficiency and integrate consumer demand into the financial services world.

The two projects are:

  1. Study the integration of wearables and create best practices for securing, moving, and accessing sensitive “data-in-motion” in a mobile financial services world.
  2. Develop standards or best practices for data security, integrity and accessibility in the cloud.

FinTech Ideas Festival

The Financial-Technology Ideas Festival will bring together the world’s leaders of the financial services community with high technology companies at the confluence of finance, innovation and technology. The FinTech Ideas Festival would focus on the big, future ideas that technologists and companies can imagine or innovate. Rather than being a trade show of today’s technology FinTech Ideas Festival would envision the future of financial technology 10 or 20 years from now.

In order to effectively develop this one of a kind event in 2016, we put together a FinTech Ideas Festival Development Team to help us plot a course together.

This is just the beginning.

FSR sees the Collaborators program expanding into the future, with fresh, forward-looking, projects and forums on the horizon.

Some of the topics under consideration for the event:

  • The Future of FinTech
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Big Data & the Internet of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Biometrics, the Imminent Future
  • Cybersecurity
  • Future of the FinTech Workforce
  • Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, & Distributed Ledger

Steering committee members for the Festival include:

  • Peter Altabef, Unisys
  • Don Armstrong, Motor Vehicle Software Corporation
  • Ajay Banga, MasterCard
  • Greg Becker, Silicon Valley Bank
  • Chris Begy, BMO Financial Corp.
  • Mark Casady, LPL Financial
  • Richard Davis, U.S. Bancorp
  • Mike Gregoire, CA Technologies
  • Aaron Levie, BOX
  • Kim Polese, ClearStreet
  • Bill Rogers, SunTrust Banks, Inc.
  • Manolo Sanchez, BBVA Compass
  • Shyam Sankar, Palantir
  • Charlie Scharf, VISA
  • John Stumpf, Wells Fargo
  • Michael Tipsord, State Farm

 Tech Advisory Council members include:

  • Stephen Ibaraki – Chairman, Technology Advisory Council, Social Entrepreneur and Futurist
  • Amir Banifatemi – Producer TEDxLA, Serial Entrepreneur, Futurist
  • Frits Bussemaker – Secretary General of International Relations CIONET
  • Andy Chen – Global Nuclear Technologies and IT Expert
  • Pedro Domingos – Expert on Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence
  • Brooks Gibbins – The Fintech Collective
  • Mike Hinchey – International Federation for Information Processing
  • Chris Howard – Kersplody
  • Gareth Jones – The Fintech Collective
  • Tad Milbourn – CEO & Co-Founder at Payable
  • Dan Oros – Kleiner Perkins
  • Tom Patterson – Unisys
  • Robin Raskin – Technologist, Founder of FinTech Section of CES
  • Jim Robinson, III – RRE Ventures
  • Peter Schwartz – Salesforce
  • Kelvin To – Data Boiler

» BENEFITS for FSR Members & Technology Collaborators:

• Solve common problems in a collaborative fashion.

• Engage on key areas of regulatory compliance and vendor management.

• Offer views into the future of the financial services technology space and insights into next generation technologies.

• Network in a positive environment.

» SERVICES for Technology Collaborators:

• Collaborate with financial institutions on emerging trends and technologies.

• Participate in special forums held adjacent to standing FSR meetings, projects, and Special Interest Groups.

• Access to FSR-produced materials and information.

• Attend and participate in FSR Industry Forums at a reduced member rate.

Contact us.

For additional information on Technology Collaborators, please contact Scott Stewart, Director of Membership and Operations at scott.stewart@fsroundtable.org and 202-589-2431.

FinTech Ideas Festival

The FinTech Ideas Festival will bring together the world’s leaders of the financial services and technology communities to look at FUTURE big ideas and challenges as the planet grows more connected, more technologically advanced and financially empowered.

Rather than being a trade show of new technology, the FinTech Ideas Festival will focus on the big, future ideas that futurists, technologists and companies can imagine, specifically at the intersection of finance and technology. No idea or challenge is too large.

Advocates for a Strong Financial Future

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